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Santa Elvira Prosecco is produced using Charmat Method, this means that the secondary fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks, the must then undergoes slow fermentation in pressurized, stainless steel tanks. To achieve the proper balance of flavor, aroma, elegance, consistency and fine perlage, the wine is kept in these tanks from 20 days to 3 months, and can go up to 6 months

Available Sizes: 750ml and 187ml

Santa Elvira Prosecco DOC Treviso, Italy

  • Region/ Country

    Treviso Veneto, Italy

  • Denomination

    DOC(Denominazione di origine controllata)

  • Grapes Varieties


  • Color

    Bright straw-yellow

  • Bouquet

    On the nose you get aromas of ripe peaches, light hints of honeydew melon and pear along with tones of almond blossom.

  • Taste

    This uniquely botteled prosecco is soft and pleasing, foamy and decadently smooth it displays a creamy finish thanks to its soft refined perlage. It lingers clear over the palate with crispness and freshness.

  • Category

    Sparkling Wine

  • Alcohol Content

    11% Vol

  • Serving temperature

    Between 6° C to 8° C

  • Food pairing Suggestion

    Creamy Sauces, mushroom dishes, as well as prosciutto, oysters, Citrus Salads and even buttery popcorn.

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