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Santa Elvira Moscato Bianco IGT Piedmont, Italy

  • Region/ Country

    Piedmont, Italy

  • Denomination

    IGT (Indicazione Geografica Tipica)

  • Grapes Varieties

    Moscato Bianco

  • Color

    Light golden yellow

  • Bouquet

    The nose reveals hints of peach, apricot, and mango as well as a complexity of delicate and elegant floral Notes.     

  • Taste

    Light-bodied, sweet treat and mouthwatering, well balanced with light flavors of peach, orange citrus and with a long persistent finish.

  • Category

    White Wine

  • Alcohol Content

    6% Vol

  • Serving temperature

    Between 9° C to 12° C

  • Food pairing Suggestion

    Enjoy spicy Asian cuisine (such as Chinese or Vietnamese cuisine), citrus salads, bruschetta, antipasto, tofu, and cheese courses. You can also pair with your dessert; biscotti, caramel cashew, grilled peaches, cheery pie or Cheese cake.

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