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Santa Merlot: Is primarily sourced with grapes from the Veneto region and it is made in a “New World” Style, the reason for this is to showcase the terroir and still bring out riper, full-bodied, and fruit centered wines with a much friendlier approach than the traditional methods, a much friendlier approach than the traditional method.

Available size: 750ml and Magnums (1.5 LT)

Santa Elvira Merlot, IGT Veneto, Italy

  • Region/ Country

    Veneto, Italy

  • Denomination

    IGT (Indicazione Geografica Tipica)

  • Grapes Varieties


  • Color

    Scarlet Ruby Red

  • Bouquet

    The nose reveals a unique complexity of plummy notes with vibrant crushed violets, black cherries, licorice, and white pepper.

  • Taste

    On the palate, you get light plum flavors, great acidity and roundness with a full body and well-balanced tannins, accompanied by hints of raspberry and candied notes, this wine displays a long and persistent lingering finish.

  • Category

    Red Wine

  • Alcohol Content

    12% Vol

  • Serving temperature

    Between 17° C to 21° C

  • Food pairing Suggestion

    Blue Cheese, mushroom dishes, steaks, grilled or roast beef or chicken.

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