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We are in Caltagirone, on the country road of San Mauro. The words “Judeka Winery” written on a gate in front of giant palm trees and a large white building which opens onto: the Judeka winery. There are 56 windows and 31 doors through which the Sicilian sun penetrates. “The windows are synonymous with our transparency towards the consumer, because Judeka doesn’t hide anything: in fact, just the opposite, we want to show you how we work”, Cesare Nicodemo points out.

Judeka Reserve Nero d’Avola I.G.P. Sicily, Italy 2015

  • Región / País

    Sicily, Italy

  • Denomination

    IGP (Indicazione Geografica Protetta)

  • Variedades de uva

    Nero D’avola

  • Color

    Rich Ruby red

  • Ramo

    Cereza rasgada, mora, ciruela y arándano, notas de cuero, regaliz rojo y toques de canela, mentol y eucalipto.

  • Taste

    On the palate you get well-balanced firm tannins, full body, smooth acidity, creaminess texture backed by a surprising elegant persistent finish, well-rounded wine.

  • Category

    Red Wine

  • Alcohol Content

    14.5% vol

  • Temperatura de servicio

    Entre 17 ° C y 21 ° C

  • Sugerencia de maridaje de alimentos

    Especialmente indicado con platos de setas, carnes asadas, embutidos picantes, aves y quesos curados.

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