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This wine is unique in its kind because it is made with three times of harvest, the first time is the previous harvest kept in barrels for 12 months, this procedure gives the wine roundness, the second time the grapes are cut and left to dry in the sun, the grapes dry and concentrate the sugar, this procedure gives the wine a light sweetness, the third time regards the current harvest, this grape will give the wine freshness strength and longevity.

Judeka “Vittoria” Nero d’Avola D.O.C, Sicily, Italy 2016

  • Region/ Country

    Sicily, Italy

  • Denomination

    DOC(Denominazione di origine controllata)

  • Grapes Varieties

    Nero D’avola

  • Color

    Ruby red

  • Bouquet

    Ripped Cherry, blackberry, plum and blueberry, leather noted, red licorice and hints of cinnamon, Menthol and eucalyptus.  

  • Taste

    On the palate, you get well-balanced smooth tannins, smooth acidity, creaminess texture backed by a surprising elegant persistent finish, well-rounded wine. 

  • Category

    Red Wine

  • Alcohol Content

    14% vol

  • Serving temperature

    Between 17° C to 21° C

  • Food pairing Suggestion

    Particularly suitable with mushroom dishes, roast meats, spicy sausages, fowl, and matured cheeses.

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